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hp 48g plus Graphing Calculator

We think you’ll agree this is science and math like never before. The 48g+ puts such a great synergy of features at your fingertips, you may never work the same way again.

We’ve combined the power of 3-D graphing, charts, and lists with an RPN capacity we know you’ll really value. Using the HP 48g+’s pre-created forms to input data quickly, you’ll be able to work through complicated equations efficiently and easily. The HP 48g+ gives you power and ease in one comfortable, user-friendly system.

product features

  • 128 KB of RAM and a built-in equation library. More than 300 commonly used formulas and scientific constants.
  • Object-oriented programming helps you create applications quickly and easily.
  • HP MatrixWriter application lets you view, enter and manipulate arrays.
  • HP EquationWriter application shows equations and formulas just as they would appear in a textbook or on paper.
  • HP Solve application allows you to solve for any variable without rewriting your equation.
  • Infrared Communications enable you to send files between HP 48G/G+/GX calculators, and to the infrared printer (optional).
  • Optional Connectivity Kit keeps you connected with your Mac or PC. See HP CONNX4


  • Battery Type 3 x AAA
  • Display - 8 line x 22 char. LCD
  • Entry system logic - RPN
  • Memory- RAM/ROM 128 KB, unlimited within available memory
  • Sample Std deviation/ mean/ weighted mean
  • Forecasting, correlation coefficient
  • LOG, 10x, PI, x
  • Built-in functions - Over 2300
  • Customization Method HP Solve/RPL
  • Clock, calendar, appointments and alarms
  • Date arithmetic
  • Multivariate/stat Statistical analysis
  • Polar/ rectangular and angle conversions
  • Base conversions and arithmetic
  • Bit, Boolean operations
  • Curve fit (LIN ,LOG, EXP, POW)
  • Numeric integration/ Complex number functions
  • Cylindrical, spherical
  • Fractions
  • 3D graphing functions with interactive graphics
  • Linear regression, combinations, permutations
  • Matrix operations, rectangular and polar
  • HPmatrix writer, row and column operations
  • Menus, prompts, alpha messages, softkeys
  • notepad through variables
  • Redefineable keyboard and menu keys
  • Normal, X, t, F distribution
  • SUM x, SUM x 2, SUM y, SUM y 2, SUM xy
  • Decimal hrs/hrs.min.sec. conversions
  • Trig., Hyperbolics, HPSolve (root finder)
  • Unit conversions

Updated On: 13.09.15

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