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hp 20s scientific calculator

The HP 20S scientific calculator comes with a built-in library.

  • frequently used functions at the touch of a key with the powerful built-in program library
  • perfect for finding a root, using curve-fitting programs, calculating Simpson’s Rule of integration, complex number operations, 3x3 matrix operations and quadratic formulas
  • great for sine, cosine, tangent, exponential, natural log and antilog functions
  • quickly calculates conversions for mass, distance, volume and temperature
  • labeling lets you see data values, as in amortization, at a glance
  • 1-line x 12-character LCD for easy viewing
  • 10 memory-storage registers


  • Battery Type - 3 x LR44
  • Display - 1 line x 12 char. LCD
  • Entry system logic - Algebraic
  • Built-in functions - Over 150
  • Customization Method - Keystroke
  • Statistical analysis - Cumulative
  • Polar/ rectangular and angle conversions
  • Base conversions and arithmetic
  • Linear regression, combinations, permutations
  • SUM x, SUM x 2, SUM y, SUM y 2, SUM xy
  • Decimal hrs/hrs.min.sec. conversions
  • Trig., Hyperbolics
  • Unit conversions

Updated On: 13.02.03

  1. On 31-Jan-2017, Wyatt Wong wrote: 
    I found the HP20s manual here:
    Your reply to Wyatt Wong

  2. On 31-Jan-2013, Mitchel wrote: 
    Hello I would like to know if any body have has a information on PDF for HP 20S thank. We’re to go
    Your reply to Mitchel
    • On 09-Apr-2013, Ron replied: 
      That manual is available from the Hp museum as a cd for $10 (you get lots of other info too). However, if you want something for free, I believe you can find the Hp21s manual on the web. This calculator is very similar aside from the built in programs ie most of the functions are identical. Same keyboard layout too. It is also similar to a Ti-68 and that manual should be very easy to find.
      Your reply to Ron

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