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HP 38G
The graphic calculator with Aplets

The large graphing display on the HP 38G makes it ideal for viewing equations numerically, symbolically or graphically. Powerful features such as electronic lessons (applets) take the guesswork out of problem solving.

ideal for:

  • Algebra students seeking sturdy design
  • Students looking for an exciting new electronic learning tool


  • Perfect for adding variables, pictures, and graphs
  • Helpful when viewing equations numerically, graphically or symbolically
  • Work through complicated equations quickly and easily
  • View math relationships side by side


  • Battery Type - 3 x AAA
  • Display - 8 line x 22 char. LCD
  • Entry system logic - Algebraic
  • Memory RAM/ROM - 32 KB, unlimited within available memory
  • Sample Std deviation/ mean/ weighted mean + Population standard
  • Built-in functions - Over 600
  • Customization Method - HP Solve
  • Statistical analysis - Multivariate/stat
  • Polar/ rectangular and angle conversions
  • Curve fit (LIN ,LOG, EXP, POW)
  • Numeric integration/ Complex number functions
  • APLETS (built-in or added applications including Note and Sketch menus)
  • Fractions
  • 2D graphing functions with interactive graphics
  • Linear regression, combinations, permutations
  • Matrix operations, rectangular and polar
  • HPmatrix writer, row and column operations
  • Menus, prompts, alpha messages, softkeys
  • Built-in Notepad
  • Redefineable keyboard and menu keys
  • SUM x, SUM x 2, SUM y, SUM y 2, SUM xy
  • Trig., Hyperbolics, HPSolve (root finder)

Note: HP no longer produce HP38G Calculator. This page was provided for information purpose only.

Updated On: 13.09.15

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