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HP 35s Scientific RPN Calculator

Get the flexibility - HP 35s Scientific Calculator lets you choose RPN or algebraic entry-system logic (no other scientific calculator offers both). It also features a large, two-line alphanumeric display and adjustable contrast, plus a robust library of built-in functions and constants. The HP 35s is retro styled calculator with a purpose with its yellow, blue and pink colors lettering that stand out vividly from the black theme of the HP35s. Keys are ergonomically placed.


  • Choose RPN or algebraic entry-system logic.
  • Work efficiently with the keystroke programming.
  • Efficiently tackle heavy workloads with the 30KB memory and 800+ independent storage registers.
  • Store an equation, then use it again to solve any variable using HP Solve, or employ any of 100 built-in functions.
  • View entries, results, menus, and prompts with ease on the large, two-line display with adjustable contrast.
  • Simplify calculation with the 42 built-in physical constants.
  • Get peace of mind with the one-year limited warranty plus HP advice and support.
  • Weight: 125 g (4.4 oz).
  • HP 35s, HP Part Number: F2215A.

What is inside the 35s box?

HP 35s Calculator + Batteries + Comprehensive User Manual + Premium Protective Case

  1. On 20-May-2020, Real G wrote: 
    where to get this HP35s calc in 2020, are there online sellers?
    Your reply to Real G

  2. On 17-Oct-2016, Jean Egerer wrote: 
    HP 35 S - how to enter a program to calculate pump sizing
    Your reply to Jean Egerer

  3. On 13-Aug-2015, Tan C H wrote: 
    1. What is the price for HP 35s and HP50g.
    2. What other models of RPN calculator available in Malaysia?
    3. Where can I buy the calculator?
    Your reply to Tan C H

  4. On 25-Jul-2015, Ridgerunner wrote: 
    I love everything about the 35S except that its keyboard has become flaky after only 3 years with very little use (in a completely clean environment - my house). About half the keys only work about half the time. Unfortuynately this is completely unacceptable for me. The reliability from the days of old are gone. Hope my 50G lasts... (Note that my 40 year old HP21 (with red LEDs) still works like a champ! - I have an extensive HP calc collection)
    Your reply to Ridgerunner
    • On 27-Jul-2015, Ron replied: 
      The new Hp calculators are not built to the older standards. But that is because they are sold for about half of the cost of the previous calculators (especially if you consider inflation).
      As the Hp 35s is fairly large compared to the older Hp calculator line, I often use an Hp 48G for general calculator use. The Hp 48G often sells used, in good condition for about the same cost as a New Hp 35s. It is a better keyboard, not a whole lot bigger, and is a LOT more powerful. Just my opinion only.
      Your reply to Ron
      • On 28-Jul-2015, Ron replied: 
        The only real reason to buy an Hp 35s is for the NCEES exam or where you want or need a NON graphing programmable calculator (and if you want RPN).
        Currently nearly all programmables are also graphing calculators. Some schools ban graphing calculators, but allow non graphing or calculators allowed on the NCEES exam. As such, the Hp 35s is the most powerful calculator allowed. (Reply)

  5. On 29-Nov-2012, Vince T wrote: 
    I have just lost my HP42S (bag stolen from Malones at KLCC) and am most disappointed.
    The 35S looks like the closest thing to a 42S. Does the 35S have data registers behind the display or just the 2 that are displayed?
    Your reply to Vince T
    • On 30-Nov-2012, Peter Tong replied: 
      Hi Vince, sorry to hear of your lost. The HP42s was indeed a compact and highly functional calculator. Here is a short write-up about HP35s Registers for your quick reference. http://www.educalc.net/2336131.page
      Your reply to Peter Tong
      • On 04-Mar-2015, Mo replied: 
        THat's the site we are using bro. (Reply)

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In reply to Tan C H, who on 13-Aug-2015 wrote:
1. What is the price for HP 35s and HP50g. 2. What other models of RPN calculator available in Malaysia? 3. Where can I buy the calculator?