HP10BII New User’s Primer for Ex-TI User

Suppose that you have $1000 to invest for a period of 5 years at an interest rate of 10% per year. How much will you have accumulated at the end of this time period?

Here is the HP TI BAII Plus Solution to the Lump Sums problem:

In this problem, the $1000 is the present value (PV), N is 5, and I / Y is 10%. Before entering the data you need to make sure that the financial registers (each key is nothing more than a memory register) are clear. Otherwise, you may find that numbers left over from previous problems will interfere with the solution to this one. Press 2nd then FV to clear the memory. Now all we need to do is enter the numbers into the appropriate keys: 5 into N, 10 into I / Y, -1000 into PV. Now to find the future value simply press CPT (compute) and then the FV key. The answer you get should be 1,610.51.

Here is the HP 10bII Solution to the same Lump Sums problem:

Set the calculator to 1 [Shift] [P/YR] ( Rational).

Press [Shift] [C ALL], the HP 10bII will display ‘1 P_Yr’ for about 2 seconds.

5 [N]

10 [I/YR]

1000 [+/-] [PV]

0 [PMT]

To get the answer, press [FV].