Tutorial for Users

Tutorial for HP Calculator users:

To get you up to speed in the effective usage of your HP Calculator, we have put together a number of topic based web tutorial. Our objectives here is not to teach you mathamatics as there are already a number of good math oriented site on the net. ✊

HP 10bII

HP 12c and HP 12c Platinum

Updated On: 18.10.01

  1. On 08-Apr-2020, Rajput wrote: 
    Hi, I have 48g with bad display. Can you replace the LCD? Please advise approx cost.
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  2. On 11-Apr-2019, Sam wrote: 
    whatever happened to the stress programme "Pipe Star 2"
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  3. On 07-Dec-2015, TONY A. wrote: 
    I bought a HP50g, how do I convert the answer to Decimal points?
    Your reply to TONY A.

  4. On 23-Jun-2015, Appel Uli wrote: 
    I have an HP 34c calculator from 1980, but no appropriate manuals for it. Are there somewhere PDF's to download?
    Greetings U. Appel
    Your reply to Appel Uli
    • On 25-Jun-2015, Ron replied: 
      I do not believe there are any available on the web (keep looking, you may be able to prove me wrong). However the Hp museum of calculators has the manual available for sale (plus lots of other great information) for a relatively low price. But you can probably find an Hp 11c or Hp 12c manual from Hp's own website. These calculators are very similar in keystrokes and programming and other than looking different are actually very similar.
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  5. On 12-Jun-2015, Graeme wrote: 
    I have a HP Easy Calc 100. Can you send me a tutorial for it please.
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  6. On 18-Apr-2014, Ron wrote: 
    You should have no trouble to buy the Hp 12c online. It is an expensive calculator for what it offers. You might consider an Hp 17Bii for a little bit more. It offers 2x the functions and features for only a small cost increase.

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  7. On 18-Apr-2014, Agustinus wrote: 
    where can I buy hp12 C ? How much the price ? Can I order HP 12C with online buying?
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In reply to TONY A., who on 07-Dec-2015 wrote:
I bought a HP50g, how do I convert the answer to Decimal points?