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Using HP50g Calculator Connectivity Kit (CONNX4)

On the HP50g Calculator Side:

  • Press {Right Shift} key (Red key) and then {SYM} key (CAT key).
    hp49g+ screen shot
    Scroll down and highlight XSERV
  • Press {Enter} to select, and {Enter} to start command.
  • The HP50g will display:
    Xmodem Server
    Waiting for command

On the PC Side:

  • Download and install the software.
  • Start the HP CONNX4 Application.
  • Change Connect using: USB Calculator and Speed: 115200
  • Select File menu and choose Connect option.
  • If the connection is successful, the left panel will show
    - CASDIR
  • Click on CASDIR, the right panel will show a list of files inside the CASDIR folder in the calculator.

To terminate the communication link with HP50g, you can either press the HP50g {ON} button once or on the PC, click on File and choose Disconnect.

FYI: This procedure is for HP50g but it is also applicable for HP49g+ Graphing Calculator.

Click the [>] Run Button to re-run the tutorial video.

Updated On: 13.09.15

  1. On 04-Dec-2016, Dave Burton wrote: 
    I am unable to connect using my PC. I am using Windows 10 and it cannot find the device. When I plug in the cord, it is finding the device but will not connect. I have tried what you show above and the directions on the disk. Also, I am also unable to update the driver from the disk. Any ideas?
    Your reply to Dave Burton
    • On 08-Dec-2016, Nämhen replied: 
      A mi me pasaba igual pero encontré que eran Malware's que interferían. Lo soluconé descargando ZHPCleaner de la página oficial y corriendo el programa. Espero que te sirva
      Your reply to Nämhen

  2. On 29-Jun-2016, Anonymous wrote: 
    My Connectivity Kit doesn't have the option "connect using USB calculator"
    Your reply to Anonymous

  3. On 06-Mar-2015, Bill Hill wrote: 
    HP40gs does not register all the buttons pressed when I type them in quickly. is there a keytime fix for HP40gs
    Your reply to Bill Hill

  4. On 09-Jan-2014, JOSE wrote: 
    I'm struggling to use HP50g Calculator by using calculations with complex numbers and matrices with more than 4 orders. Someone can help me!
    Your reply to JOSE
    • On 11-Jan-2014, Ron replied: 
      You should consider downloading the advanced user's guide, it may help you.
      What mode are you using the calculator in? Some of the matrix functions do not work as expected in algebraic mode (remember, this is an RPN calculator with algebraic mode stuck on top).
      Complex numbers are easily entered with (R,I) format. Conversion is done by Rect, Cylindrical and spherical available via NXT key (in RPN mode).
      Your reply to Ron

  5. On 07-Mar-2013, Jose Suarez wrote: 
    You are truly the man! Problem solved.
    Your reply to Jose Suarez

  6. On 03-Dec-2012, Anonymous wrote: 
    You’re the man, it’s solved...YEAH!
    Your reply to Anonymous

  7. On 07-Aug-2012, Anonymous wrote: 
    It works on Windows 7 64 bit. Do not forget the calculator part.
    Your reply to Anonymous

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In reply to Anonymous, who on 03-Dec-2012 wrote:
You’re the man, it’s solved...YEAH!


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