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This page is still experimental as the files are all stored in our distributed servers. Please contact me if you have any problem download the files. All our files were virus scan with the latest signature files prior to zipping (compressing) it. But you should take additional care after you have downloaded the files.

New downloads: HP 39gII Emulator; HP 39gII Manual;

Popular downloads: HP 12c Manual; Old HP 10bII Emulator; Old HP 42s Emulator; New HP 10bII+ Emulator; New HP 10bII+ Manual;

If you cannot locate the files to download, try using the site search (top right corner of this page). If you cannot find it, do drop us a note, we will try an locate them for you.

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  1. On 06-May-2021, Jack wrote: 
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  2. On 02-Jun-2019, Sebastian wrote: 
    No encuentro conn4x para descargarla
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  3. On 31-May-2018, best Essay wrote: 
    Just want to say your article is as surprising. I just like the valuable information you supply for your articles. I'll bookmark your blog and test once more right here frequently.
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  4. On 15-Nov-2017, Yasin wrote: 
    give me this set up
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  5. On 27-Oct-2017, KGB wrote: 
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  6. On 31-Dec-2015, Bob wrote: 
    I'm looking for graph71, any ideas where to find it?
    Thank you!
    Your reply to Bob

  7. On 04-Apr-2015, Anonymous wrote: 
    Your reply to Anonymous

  8. On 21-Jan-2014, Pere wrote: 
    I am using LINUX KUBUNTU and Wine (windows emulator) on HP Spectre 1400 laptop. Cannot do HP50G CONNX because of COM1 driver probs. Please help with procedure for driver install and settings.
    Your reply to Pere

  9. On 27-Feb-2013, Eric wrote: 
    I am tying to fined out how you calculated $1,000.dollars at 5% percent inflation over 10 years how i calculated that with my 12c ZHp calculator . Thanks
    Your reply to Eric
    • On 12-Mar-2013, Peter Tong replied: 
      Hi, this kind of problem is often known as Future Value of Lump Sum. Here are some examples:
      So the solution should be as follows:
      1000 [PV]
      5 [i]
      10 [n]
      and press [FV] you should get the answer of 1628.89
      Your reply to Peter Tong

  10. On 01-Nov-2012, Julian wrote: 
    i need soft for dinamic balance of machinery. my calculator is 50g, version 2.15 year 2009. tank you.
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In reply to Bob, who on 31-Dec-2015 wrote:
I'm looking for graph71, any ideas where to find it? Thank you! --Bob


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