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  • HP 35 Calculator Unearthed

    2012-12-01: Curiosities from the past have been unearthed from the Science Time Capsule first buried in 1973 is on display as part of the Singapore Science ··»

  • FINEX ICFC competition 2009

    2009-08-23: The Inter-Collegiate Finance Competition (ICFC) aims to enhance the quality of finance education in the country, and at the same time expose the participants to ··»

  • Professor William Kahan

    2008-11-28: William Morton Kahan (born June 5, 1933, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada) is a mathematician and computer scientist whose main area of contribution has been numerical ··»

  • ATCM 2008

    2008-06-16: ATCM 2008, the 13th Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics, will be held between 15 December and 19 December 2008 at Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University, Bangkok, ··»

  • Quick and easy-to-use calculating solutions

    2008-06-11: HP's expanded calculator portfolio delivers HP reliability in convenient, easy-to-use solutions. New calculators include:HP OfficeCalc series - Stylish desktop offerings for simple calculations at users' ··»

  • Sleek, Modern HP Calculators Redefine Style and Usability

    2008-06-10: BERLIN, June 10, 2008 - HP today kicked off a new era of calculators by introducing the HP Business Consultant calculator, which boasts a sleek, ··»

  • HP Mobile Laboratory for Education

    2008-02-20: Based on Press Released by Hewlett-Packard Company, May Market OverviewHP and Saltire Scientific are teaming to develop for the education market the Mobile Laboratory ··»

  • HP Calculators pays homage to legendary HP-35

    2007-07-12: As part of its 35th anniversary in the handheld calculator business, HP launched the HP 35s scientific calculator - a retro-designed device reminiscent of the ··»

  • HP Calculator 35 Year Celebration Contest

    2007-06-28: HP Celebrates 35th Anniversary of HP Calculators with Video Contest As part of a its 35th anniversary in the handheld calculator business, this week HP kicks ··»

  • HP to Co-develop Mobile Digital Laboratory for Education Market

    2007-05-20: HP and Saltire Scientific are teaming to develop for the education market the Mobile Digital Laboratory (MDL) an easy-to-use, high-performance solution that allows secondary ··»

  • HP Graphing Calculator for Engineers

    2006-09-24: Palo Alto, Calif., Sept. 19, 2006 - HP today introduced the HP 50g graphing calculator, which offers more connectivity options and greater configurability so users ··»

  • HP 50g Graphing Calculator now available in Singapore

    2006-08-11: You can purchase Hewlett-Packard latest and most advanced Calculator, the HP 50g Graphing Calculator, at all Authorised HP Calculator throughout the island. Main differences with ··»

  • HP 39gs E-Lessons on the Go

    2006-08-09: Hewlett-Packard introduced the HP 39gs graphing calculator, which features a hip design and multiple connectivity options, including wireless. HP 39gs feature a modern white and ··»

  • HP 39gs the best graphing calculator for students

    2006-08-08: Introducing the HP 39gs graphing calculator, which features a hip design and multiple connectivity options, including wireless. The HP 39gs is a powerful calculator is ··»

  • GARP Study Materials for 2006 FRM Exam

    2006-07-14: Study Materials is availble FREE for paid 2006 FRM Candidates at the GARP Digital Library. The 2006 FRM Practice Exams I and II have been ··»

  • MATH MAGIC, The Ultimate Math Challenge

    2006-07-11: Invented by a teacher. Used in schools. Help your children to build a strong foundation in maths. No pains, as children will strengthen their basic ··»

  • HP 12c - 15 million units later

    2006-07-11: Over 15 million units of the HP 12c series calculator have been sold since the original Hewlett-Packard 12c Financial Calculator was introduced in 1981. The ··»

  • HP 50G Graphing Calculator by Wessman

    2006-05-01: HP-50G, designed by Tim Wessman, for rugged use in the field and is able to network with other devices in order to more efficiently store ··»

  • HP Labs honor HP 35

    2006-04-04: HP Labs - 1966 to 2006. 40th Anniversary - Innovation That Counts. HP 35 Calculator has been honored as 1 of the 40 innovations with ··»

  • Silver anniversary dawns for HP’s iconic calculator

    2006-03-16: By PHIL BAKER, Daily Transcript Technology CorrespondentMonday, February 27, 2006STILL CALCULATING AFTER ALL THESE YEARS: THE ONE AND ONLY HP12cWith so many of today’s technology ··»

  • HP40g is replaced with HP40gs

    2006-02-10: HP40gs comes with a tinted protective plastic cover and runs on 4 x AAA batteries. Connectivity kit has a cable to connect to another HP40Gs ··»

  • HP Launches Web-based Virtual Classroom Training for Calculators

    2006-01-31: HP recently launched three teacher training and learning aid programs for educators and students. The programs include online courses, virtual classrooms and "emulator" ··»

  • HP 40gs in stores by April 2006

    2006-01-22: Ideal Graphing Calculator for math and science students.  The big, bright LCD with split-screen capability.  Create applications and access built-in aplets for self-paced training.  Connect to ··»

  • New HP 8s Scientific Calculator available

    2005-12-13: The HP8s Scientific Calculator was launched in South East Asia Market on 1 Jan 2006. The HP8s is a general purpose calculator that is perfect ··»

  • Savvy shoppers carry a calculator

    2005-12-12: Here is how to figure out the unit price will help you get the best value. A keen shopper is standing in the snack aisle deliberating ··»

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