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HP 65 programmable pocket calculator

The HP-65 was similar to the HP-35, HP’s first handheld scientific calculator, new features included a card reader, the slot to hold a card below the display and the second slider switch to select program or run modes. The HP-65 was HP’s fifth handheld electronic calculator.  HP65 was nicknamed "Superstar", the HP-65 was the first magnetic card-programmable handheld calculator, which is why some call it the "world’s first handheld computer." The HP-65 could read from and write to magnetic cards, allowing the user to buy program cards from HP or save programs on cards.

Note: HP no longer produces the HP65 Calculator.  This page was provided for information purpose only.  

Updated On: 15.02.18

  1. On 05-Mar-2015, Anonymous wrote: 
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  2. On 02-Jun-2013, Dave wrote: 
    HI. Real long shot but my daughter needs an HP 65 for a school history project. Did you ever find one Jim? I know it was 8 years ago but hey!!
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    • On 03-Jun-2013, Ron replied: 
      The Hp 65 is a collector’s item that sells for $200-300 typically. A more common Hp 35 (non-programmable, 1st scientific) or an Hp 25 (programmable) will usually sell for a bit less than $100.
      If you need to demonstrate older calculator technology on a budget, the Ti line of LED calculators often sell for $10-50 for a similar featured calculator. They sell for less, because they are worth less. But they usually still work, but their keyboards suck.
      Some typical prices:
      Ti 30: $5-20 depending upon condition
      Ti 55: $10-30 (Programmable)
      Ti 57: $20-30
      Ti 58/59: $25-50
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