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HP 39 G+ calculator for math students

HP has introduced a new graphics calculator for math teachers and students at the secondary school level. The HP 39 G+ provides pre-calculus teachers and students an easy and intuitive approach to developing a deeper understanding of math.

The HP 39 G+ incorporates a unique concept called "Applets." Applets are small applications packaged as electronic lessons. They provide a simple, intuitive way for students to learn math. These applications are similar to class handouts, complete with variable pictures, graphs and notes. Students use them to explore new concepts, try new approaches, and start over if things don't work out. Applets can be created and shared with others using the HP 39 G+'s built-in infrared capability. Applets for the HP 39G+ will be available free through on-line from www.educalc.net, and at various educational conferences.

The HP 39 G+ lets students graph all the functions and expressions for high (secondary) school level math. The split-screen feature lets students see graphs and numbers side-by-side. The built-in functions and commands are organized in clear accessible display menus. Students can enter equations in algebraic notation that looks and works like equations on paper. The new calculator also comes with HP Solve, which lets the student enter a formula and solve for the unknowns. The interactive history of calculations lets the users recall and reuse problem solutions which were created earlier.

The HP 39 G+ comes with a usb port, letting students connect to computers for file exchange and storage. In addition, its built in infrared port lets students and teachers share files with each other and print them out on an optional HP Infrared printer. The new calculator also has a sliding hard cover attached for protection.


Updated On: 04.06.23

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