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HP10BII Time Value of Money (TVM)

The TVM keys are located on the top row of the keyboard.

  1. {N}number of payments
  2. {I/YR} interest per year
  3. {PV} present value
  4. {PMT} periodic payment
  5. {FV} future value

In general, TVM problems involve five (5) variables:

  • four (4) are known.
  • and the fifth is unknown.

For the known value, you need to enter the numerical value first and then press the appropriate key.

Updated On: 11.05.02

  1. On 29-Mar-2016, Jim wrote: 
    TVM problem; I need to know how to calculate compounded interest return for a 13 year period, started with $75,000, now have 109,000, no additions to account. What are the steps please.
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