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Tutorial for HP Calculator users:

To get you up to speed in the effective usage of your HP Calculator, we have put together a number of topic based web tutorial. Our objectives here is not to teach you mathamatics as there are already a number of good math oriented site on the net. ✊

HP 10bII

HP 12c and HP 12c Platinum


Updated On: 15.01.12

  1. On 18-Apr-2014, Ron wrote: 
    You should have no trouble to buy the Hp 12c online. It is an expensive calculator for what it offers. You might consider an Hp 17Bii for a little bit more. It offers 2x the functions and features for only a small cost increase.

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  2. On 18-Apr-2014, Agustinus wrote: 
    where can I buy hp12 C ? How much the price ? Can I order HP 12C with online buying?
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