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HP Calculator Connectivity Kit for HP Prime

You can use the PC Connectivity Kit to upgrade the software on a HP Prime Calculator download Apps from the web, share programs with friends and much more...

Download options:

  1. ⇩ Download (Filesize 43MB) 2020.01.16 Build 2.1.14425
  2. ⇩ Download (Filesize 41MB) 2018.02.12 Build 13443
  3. ⇩ Download (Filesize 39MB) 2016.12.08 Build 11226
  4. ⇩ Download (Filesize 42MB) 2016.10.17 Build 10638
  5. ⇩ Download (Filesize 53MB) 2015.06.17 Build 8151
  6. ⇩ Download (Filesize 29MB) 2014.12.03 Build 6975
  7. ⇩ Download (Filesize 21MB) 2014.03.31 Build 6026
  8. ⇩ Download (Filesize 25MB) 2013.11.25 Build 5442
  9. ⇩ Download (Filesize 20MB) 2013.08.13 Build 5098

Note: HP Prime PC Connectivity Kit only works on computer running Windows XP or Windows 7/8/10 Operating System. There is no official Apple MacOS version. However, there are some individuals and organisation that has successfully ported with "Wine" (the Windows compatibility layer). Alternativity, you can run the HP Prime PC Connectivity Kit inside a Virtualbox Windows VM (Virtual Machine) on an Apple MacOS or Linux Desktop. 

Updated On: 20.10.10

  1. On 11-Sep-2019, Joe wrote: 
    Connectivity kit to send .hpprgm to prime Calculator, using win 10. I have tried drag and drop every way but it doesn't work. Any help would appreciated.
    Your reply to Joe

  2. On 24-Apr-2019, Anonymous wrote: 
    It's too bad the HP-Prime is not just like any other USB device. For example Android phones. I'm a long time Linux user and find Windows impossible to use. It's really not worth my time to try to set up a virtual box machine with Windows. I really have no need for Windows at all, and detest working with it because there are so many problems.
    Your reply to Anonymous

  3. On 11-Feb-2018, Odarn wrote: 
    do you need the calculator for the emulator to work?
    Your reply to Odarn

  4. On 18-Aug-2017, Darwin17 wrote: 
    HP Prime Connectivity Kit for 2017 7 10 (12066)
    Your reply to Darwin17

  5. On 19-May-2017, Wyatt Wong wrote: 
    HP Prime Connectivity Kit for macOS
    Your reply to Wyatt Wong

  6. On 28-Feb-2017, Steve Ng wrote: 
    More info re: my previous post.
    The VM senses the HP Prime but does not show up as any device in explorer. Also, as soon as I start up the Connectivity Kit, the calculator goes into "recovery mode V13" and the only thing to do is to do a hard reset via the little pinhole.
    Your reply to Steve Ng

  7. On 28-Feb-2017, Steve Ng wrote: 
    I tried using a Windows 10 Guest under VirtualBox on a Mac and have not been able to get it working. The Connectivity Kit does not see the USB connected Calculator. I have the VirtualBox Extension installed. I followed whatever instructions I could find to allow the USB device to be active in the VM. Nothing works. There does not appear to be anything else wrong with the USB port as I could mount an SD card reader and access some cards I had.
    Your reply to Steve Ng

  8. On 27-Oct-2016, Eugeni wrote: 
    I'm an IB teacher and I've installed Connectivity Kit. When I tried to update my HP Prime, the program needs to be updated to add the new firmware. After It's done, Connectivity Kit doesn't detect some of my student's HP Primes (the newest ones, those with wifi). How can I upgrade these HP Primes? I need that because there are some important changes (for instances: I can't add more than 10 digits).
    Your reply to Eugeni

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