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MATH MAGIC, The Ultimate Math Challenge

mathInvented by a teacher. Used in schools. Help your children to build a strong foundation in maths. No pains, as children will strengthen their basic maths skills while playing the games. Enhance social skill through playing with friends. Eduplay.

Updated On: 13.09.15

  1. On 30-Aug-2017, Celine Chew wrote: 
    can i know how to buy this game? i live in malaysia
    Your reply to Celine Chew
    • On 13-Jun-2018, Chris Kirby replied: 
      I have this game if you’re still interested.
      Your reply to Chris Kirby
      • On 18-Oct-2018, Grant Whitaker replied: 
        Chris, do you still have this game? I would be really interested in purchasing it. (Reply)
        • On 19-Oct-2018, Chris Kirby replied: 
          Yes, still available.

  2. On 30-Mar-2014, Grethe wrote: 
    I realy like this game and I would like to know if I can buy it. I live in Denmark. How much is it.
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    • On 18-Dec-2017, Arianne replied: 
      I don't know where to buy the Math Magic. Could you help me ?
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