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Mathematics Teacher Conference 2006

HP CalculatorMathematics Teacher Conference 2006 is organised by Association of Mathematics Educators, Singapore. The theme for the year is "Enhancing Mathematical Reasoning". It will be held at National Institute of Education around Campus LT1. A total of 821 mathematics teachers (282 primary, 376 secondary, 124 junior college and 39 others) attended the conference. Registration of participants starts at 7.45am on 1 June 2006. The programme of the day is from 9am to 5pm.

Workshop were: Using a graphic calculator to extend mathematical thinking; Newton’s binomial series and the computation of pi, Developing mathematical thinking � the role of calculators; Mathematical reasoning in algebra; Strategies to enhance students’ reasoning in mathematics at the secondary level; Engaging lower secondary pupils through mathematical reasoning; Use of IT in the teaching of statistics.

The last activity of the day was the closing address by Professor Leo Tan, Director of National Institute of Education, and the presentation of tokens of appreciation to all speakers and workshop presenters.

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