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HP 30b Programming

A program is a sequence of keystrokes that is remembered by the calculator. When a sequence of keystrokes is to be repeated several times, a program could save a great deal of time. Instead of pressing all the keys each time, only one key needs to be pressed to start the program - the calculator does the rest.

On the HP 30b, the [Shift] [PRGM] puts the calculator in a programming or program execution mode. It can store up to 10 different individual programs - Prgm 0, Prgm 1, Prgm 2, Prgm 3, Prgm 4, Prgm 5, Prgm 6, Prgm 7, Prgm 8 and Prgm 9. A simple reference template to help 20b Programmer.

To create a program:

  • Write down the sequence of keystrokes that you would use to do the desired calculation.
  • Press [Shift] [PRGM] and [INPUT] to set the calculator to (Prgm 0) program mode.
  • Key in the sequence of keystrokes that you wrote down in Step 1. Skip the keystrokes that enter data, which would differ each time the program is used.

Example: An office supply dealer is selling selected stock at 25% off. An additional $5 handling charge is to be added to each transaction. Create a program, which calculates the net cost of an item after the discount is subtracted and the handling charge is added.

300 The cost of the item is keyed in and separated from the next entry.
* 75[% ] The price less discount is calculated.
+ 5 The handling charge is keyed in.
= The net cost (price less discount plus handling charge) 230.00 is calculated.

When programming the HP 30b, ignore the first value of "300", as this is the variable.  Press [Shift] [PRGM] and [INPUT] to set the calculator to (Prgm 0) program mode. Enter the followings:

Press [ON/CE] to save the program.

Calculate the net cost of a computer listed for $895.
Key in 895 and press [=] to enter the cost of the computer.
Press [Shift] [PRGM] use down/up to select Prgm 0 (It will display 8.089 on the screen) and press [=]
The net cost of the typewriter 676.25 is calculated.

What is the net cost of an executive chair listing for $189?
Key in 189 and press [=] to enter the cost of the chair.
Press [Shift] [PRGM] and [=]
The net cost of the chair 146.75 is calculated.

Updated On: 10.01.13

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    The code are wrongle:
    Correct from
    * 75 % - 5=
    * 75 % + 5 =
    big mistaque HP.
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