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HP 17bii+ has the same programming features as 19bii

The HP 17BII+ has all the same programming capability as the 17BII and 19BII. It is the most powerful pocket financial calculator available, is both algebraic or RPN, has all the financial functions of the HP 19b, has 7K RAM, infared printer port. You would not believe this by looking at this unassuming calculator. All functions are available via softkeys (the keys with the arrows on them).

It is nearly identical to a 19 in functions and use(including hp solve and alpha numeric capabilities), but is more durable. What it lacks, is the dedicated Alpha keypad, note pad, graphics, and trig functions. The notepad is easily simulated by hp solve. The HP19b graphics is all you are really giving up and the easier alpha entry.

Updated On: 12.07.02

  1. On 01-Feb-2015, Danny wrote: 
    Actually, the 17Bii is much less complete than the 19B II. The 19B II has, among other things, Unit Conversions and a variety of other standard functions available directly from the keyboard which are not provided on the 17.

    Unfortunately, at this time there does not seem to be any calculator available, at least from HP, which is really a match for the 19B II,

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    • On 27-Feb-2015, Ron replied: 
      Hp just released the Hp Prime. It has TVM and some other financial functions built in. So does the Hp 50G. Both are quite a step up from the Hp 19Bii, but admittedly are not in the same form factor, nor as easy to use.
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