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HP8s Scientific Calculator Keys

The HP 8s comes with clearly displayed numbers and signs (such as addition, multiplication etc.).  It is divided into three main sections. The bottom section  is where the numbers and the more everyday functions are situated. The middle section is for more complicated calculations such as 'sin', 'hyp', 'x' and 'log' buttons, and the top row is for the mode and on buttons.

The DEL button or delete button on the HP8s really useful. This will delete the last number you have entered (for example if you have typed 75 instead of 74, the DEL button will remove the 5 instead of cancelling the whole thing). This, you may think, is the same as the C (or cancel button) on standard calculators that removes the whole number, however this is more useful when you are entering 10 digits into the calculation.

The HP8s scientific calculator has one independent memory. M is displayed when there is a value in memory. The following table explains how to store a number in memory and how to delete it.

  • Press C / CE on the HP8s - To clear the display or cancel the current calculation without clearing the memory.

  • Press X-M on the HP8s - To store the displayed value in memory.

  • Press M+ on the HP8s - To add the displayed value to memory.

  • Press RM on the HP8s - To retrieve the contents of memory - to determine its value or include it in the calculation.

  • Press INV, then X-M on the HP8s - To display the contents of memory and replace it with the value that was displayed before the keys were pressed.

  • Press AC  on the HP8s - To clear the display and the memory.


  • Instead of the M+ button, you calculate your result and press : shift button, STO button followed by the M+ button.

  • Instead of RM button you press: RCL button and M button.

  • Instead of M- you press : shift button and M- button.

  • And to clear the memory altogether press: 0, shift, STO and M button.

The HP 8s have a good memory features. The memory area used for calculation input can hold 79 'steps'. One step is taken up each time you press a number key or arithmetic button.

The HP 8s also has a useful replay function. Every time you perform a calculation, the replay function stores the calculation formula and its result in replay memory. Pressing the arrows on the replay button displays the formula and result of the calculation you have performed, and allows you to scroll through them.


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  1. On 27-Dec-2013, Rdj wrote: 
    Another unusual feature of the HP-8s (and I assume also the HP-10s) is a rudimentary "step-looping" feature. Colon (":") can separate expressions which can be executed one at a time (by repeatedly pressing "=") and repeated in sequence (by pressing "=" an extra time after the final expression is evaluated) as often as desired. (You might seed "Ans" with a value, e.g. "number =", then use "Ans" in the first and all remaining colon-separated expressions, else use registers.)
    Your reply to Rdj

  2. On 27-Dec-2013, Rdj wrote: 
    There are several other independent memories. Use STO or RCL with A-F, X, or Y. There does not seem to be memory arithmetic (e.g. STO+ and STO- on other HP calculators). Only M offers this convenience. Also, the M+ button is used in the two statistics modes like Sigma-+ on other calculators.
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