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Savvy shoppers carry a calculator

Here is how to figure out the unit price will help you get the best value.

A keen shopper is standing in the snack aisle deliberating over which bag of potatoes chips to buy - the 160 grams or the 100 grams. Flavor doesn’t have anything to do with this decision. Neither does brand, since both options are from the same vendor. So this is a math question.

This savvy shopper takes out her HP calculator. To get the unit price of the potatoes chips she divides $2.49 (the price) by 160 (the weight) = 1.6 cents per unit. She then divides $1.99 (the price of the smaller bag) by 100 (the weight in ounces): 2 cents. As for now, larger bag is less expensive per gram.

For savvy shoppers, a calculator is as necessary your shopping list when shopping for groceries, toiletries and household items. That’s because one of the most effective ways to figure out how to get the most for your money is by examining the unit price and an item’s weight to determine the price difference between different-sized items.

Often, the cost per unit is usually on the label next to the price on the shelf. (If the unit price isn’t made available, consumers can figure it out by dividing the cost into an item’s weight.).  This trick of the trade can go a long way toward saving money at the checkout counter, especially if you’re not brand loyal.

Updated On: 06.08.19

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