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Main Store:
Mohamed Mustafa & Samsuddin Co. Pte Ltd

Mustafa Centre145 Syed Alwi Road
Singapore 207704
Telephone: 6295 5877
Directions to Calculator Department:
Syed Alwi Road entrance, ground floor on the right near the Cafe.

Calculator Department Direct Line

6419 0516

Mustafa Stores are open for 24 Hours and 7 Days a week.

Located next to New Park Hotel.5 minutes walk from Farrer Park MRT Station

Business Type: Mega Department Store, Supermarket, Pharmacy, Jewellery, Foreign Exchange, Hotel, Post Office & Teleshop.

Product Types: Over 100,000 items.

Website: www.mustafa.com.sg

Map of Mustafa

Updated On: 20.08.01

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