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hp 50g - Change Display Mode

When I divide, eg. 5 by 6 instead of giving the whole number, it gives me a fraction 5/6? How to NOT receive fractions?

Press MODE Key.
Press F1 Softkey [FLAGS]
You should see system flags
Use the arrow key to move down to "105". Your calculator probably will show "Exact mode on".
Press F3 Softkey [CHK], it will change to "Approx. mode on"
Press F6 Softkey [OK]
Press [ENTER] to exit mode

Now your HP 50g calculator should be set.

Updated On: 12.07.14

  1. On 15-Aug-2019, Mike wrote: 
    Thank you. Thats what I needed
    Your reply to Mike

  2. On 01-Aug-2018, Anonymous wrote: 
    very helpful, thank you
    Your reply to Anonymous

  3. On 26-Jun-2017, Jsimm wrote: 
    Flag 105 doesn't change from approximate mode unless Numeric and Approximate is unchecked in CAS.
    Your reply to Jsimm

  4. On 26-Apr-2017, Ryan wrote: 
    Good day Fernando,
    I made a error. It works perfectly, thank you for your advice, I really Appreciate it.
    Kind regards
    Your reply to Ryan

  5. On 26-Apr-2017, Ryan wrote: 
    Hi Fernando,
    Thank you for your reply. I have actually tried that already. The decimals changes when I used fixed mode, but the (E-7) for example is still there. It is so frustrating. I wrote a test and I had to convert all my negative numbers to 0.00004578 for example. There is a way in equation writer that you can convert it.... I forgot.
    Your reply to Ryan

  6. On 13-May-2016, Fernando Fernandes wrote: 
    A more direct short hand for this operation is to press RED SHIFT and ENTER keys simultaneously. The indication in the header would toggle between ~ and = , approximated and exact modes, respectively.
    Your reply to Fernando Fernandes
    • On 25-Apr-2017, Ryan replied: 
      Good day Fernando,
      I need your assistance. When I enter a fraction into my HP 50g, Example 1/4578, the solution returns as 2.184E-4. I would prefer this to be displayed as 0.000078978 for Example.
      Any help?
      Your reply to Ryan
      • On 26-Apr-2017, Fernando Fernandes replied: 
        Hi Ryan,
        By default the HP50g displays in scientific notation, but you can modify this behavior changing the "Number Format" option in MODE setup to Fix (fixed) and choose, lets say, 9 decimal digits. You'll see the result as you want. But in this configuration all numbers will be shown with 9 decimal digits.
        Regards. (Reply)

  7. On 05-Apr-2016, Anonymous wrote: 
    I found the Approx flag had nothing to do with it, "Numeric" had to be set.
    Your reply to Anonymous

  8. On 01-Jan-2016, Gianluca wrote: 
    It works, thank you very much also to Brian.
    Your reply to Gianluca

  9. On 05-Aug-2015, Brian wrote: 
    This helped me as well. But, a shortcut to get to this setting is :
    Mode->CAS->Approx (Check this on).
    Your reply to Brian

  10. On 07-Oct-2014, Custom wrote: 
    Yes! Thank you
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