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HP 20b - Two Lines Display

The top line of the screen displays operation status, operator symbols, annunciators, and abbreviations of the registers, variables, and menus. This line is commonly referred to as the topline (first line). P/YR and RPN on the far right are on the top line.

First line has an 8 characters scrolling display + 11 Annunciator Symbol Indicators.

Second line displays numbers you have entered, or results, in this example 20.33. This line is commonly referred to as the bottomline (second line). When no operations have been entered and no operations are pending, the bottom line of the screen displays 0. This state of the calculator is referred to as the default calculator screen.

LCD display: Second line: 12 +3 digit, each digit is show on a highly readable 7-segment numerical.

Annunciator Symbol Status is found to the right of topline.

  • Small ( ) symbol indicates the shift key has been pressed. When another key is pressed with this symbol
    displayed, the secondary function printed on the bevel of the key is activated.
  • Small (=) symbol indicates an item for which the = key is valid. This symbol appears on the upper right
    of the display screen.
  • Small (battery icon) means the battery power is low.
  • BEG Begin mode is activated.
  • STO Stores a number in memory.
  • RCL Recalls stored numbers.
  • RAD Radians setting is active.
  • RPN RPN mode is active.
  • 360 The 360-day calendar option is active.
  • INPUT Input mode is activated.

Updated On: 13.09.15

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