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Temperature Probe (-25 C to 110 C)

The Temperature Probe (-25 degree C to 110 degree C) connects directly to the Box. The temperature sensing element receives an input voltage of 5 V and returns output voltage proportional to the measured temperature and between 0 to 5 V, which is the range accepted by the Analog-Digital converter. The Box then records the value into its memory.


Typical Experiments that uses the Temperature Probe:

  • Specific heat experiments.
  • Measuring freezing and boiling points.
  • Monitoring endothermic and exothermic reactions.
  • Investigating the Combined Gas Law.
  • Exploring loss of heat thought sweat on the human body.

Updated On: 13.09.15

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    How can I buy HP streamsmart 410 and such temperature probe in China?
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