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Grouped data are presented in frequency distributions rather than entering each observation individually. Given a set of data points:
X1, X2, . . . , Xn,
with respective frequencies:
f1, f2, . . . , fn,
this procedure computes the mean, standard deviation, and standard error of the mean.


Follow these steps to compute the mean, standard deviation, and standard error of the mean:

  1. Press f, then CLEAR [REG].
  2. Key in the first value and press ENTER twice.
  3. Key in the respective frequency and press STO, [+], 0, [X], then Sigma +. The display shows the number of data points entered.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each data point.
  5. To calculate the mean (average) press RCL, 0, STO, 1, RCL, 6, STO, 3, g, then x-mean (the zero key).
  6. Press g, then s to find the standard deviation
  7. Press RCL, 0, g, the Square Root key, then the Divide key to find the standard error of the mean.


A survey of 266 one-bedroom apartment rentals reveals that 54 rent for $190 per month, 32 rent for $195 per month, 88 rent for $200 per month, and 92 rent for $206 per month. What are the average monthly rental, the standard deviation, and the standard error of the mean?




f, CLEAR [REG], 190, ENTER, ENTER, 54, STO, [+], 0, [X],then Sigma +


Calculator cleared and first data point entered

195, ENTER, ENTER, 32, STO, [+], 0, [X], then Sigma +


Second data point entered

200, ENTER, ENTER, 88, STO, [+], 0, [X], then Sigma +


Third data point entered

206, ENTER, ENTER, 92, STO, [+], 0, [X], then Sigma +


Fourth data point entered

RCL, 0, STO, 1, RCL, 6, STO, 3, g, then x-mean


Average monthly rent.

g, then s


Standard Deviation

RCL, 0, g, square root, then divide


Standard Error of the mean

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  1. On 10-Nov-2012, Ilir wrote: 
    What if I just want to calculate the standard deviation of a straight list of numbers, say -3, 011, 3, -18, 18, 20, -6, 9, 2, -16?
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