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HP Calculators Glossary

Built-in formulas - steps, or conversions used to simplify the steps needed in solving a problem.

Display - A device that displays text and graphics. Desktop monitors are usually cathode-ray tubes, and laptop monitors and calculators are usually liquid crystal display (LCD).

Memory - Memory usually means RAM (random accessed memory) which is measured in megabytes. RAM makes up a computer’s short-term memory. Your CPU uses RAM to access information needed right away. This makes the application you are working on run faster. One of the easiest upgrades for your computer is memory. As a general rule, more is better.

Updated On: 18.10.03

  1. On 23-Jun-2012, Jeff wrote: 
    For some reason,my HP 12 has a comma and does not recognize the decimal as the number is entered. How doe I simply clear and start over setting a four place decimal setting.
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    • On 24-Jun-2012, Anonymous replied: 
      Hi Jeff, I think it is displaying in European Format. To change it back US format follow this link...
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