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  1. On 22-Jun-2021, Hernan wrote: 
    I need a battery pack for my HP 29C calculator.I know it's very old but I still love it.
    Some time ago I bought a pack from you.I still have the invoice :
    06951149 and the stock : 82019B.
    Thank you,
    Hernan Tirado
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  2. On 21-Mar-2021, Mark wrote: 
    Can you set a CST menu with some of the Unit conversions? I need a cst menu for MM, inch, um, and mm and would like them all on the same page. I have to keep hitting the NXT button to get to some of the units and I'm using these all the time.
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  3. On 06-Oct-2019, Ernest wrote: 
    I am seeking a battery pack for an HP-10 printing calculator.
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  4. On 03-Oct-2019, Konrad wrote: 
    when will HP have a new scientific- or graphing- calculator with standard, rechargeable (long-lasting) Li-ion batteries and e-ink display? And good old quality keyboard?
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  5. On 13-Jan-2018, Sam wrote: 
    hello sorry I have a problem with my hp prime calculator by mistake using USBTool press the option that says scan, now my screen just says looading in colors do not restart or anything ... please help me
    Your reply to Sam

  6. On 06-Apr-2016, Mader Lily wrote: 
    Am in Metro Manila, Philippines. I have 2 HP12B that are damaged. Where can I have them serviced?
    Your reply to Mader Lily

  7. On 21-Jan-2016, Anonymous wrote: 
    hp 50g CNA 4250BYF PURCHASE Theodist POM png.
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  8. On 21-Jan-2016, Anonymous wrote: 
    Iam trying download the Hp50g connx 4, but I could'nt please I need your help. Chrs.
    Your reply to Anonymous

  9. On 06-Feb-2013, Carol Gardner wrote: 
    I would like to get quotes on calculators and probes
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In reply to Ernest, who on 06-Oct-2019 wrote:
I am seeking a battery pack for an HP-10 printing calculator.


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