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HP 39gs Aplet - Sine and Cosine Rules

The objectives for usingthe COS / SINE RULES aplet is for the student to solve oblique triangles by applying the Sine and Cosine Rules. This Aplet is designed for HP 39gs (HP 40gs).



Select the aplet and then press START to display the COS / SINE RULES NOTE. After reading the note, view by pressing the [SKETCH] button for further explanation. Press [VIEWS] to select a new problem, solve the given triangle, or view the current problem.

  • New Triangle will display an oblique triangle with three defined measurements. The diagram in the left bottom corner is for reference. For example, side A is always the base and angle X is always opposite side A.
  • Solve Triangle takes the student to the COS / SINE RULES SYMBOLIC VIEW. The user should check the appropriate equation to be solved. When the equation is checked, press NUM to see the NUMERIC VIEW. The given information will already be entered. Highlight the unknown, and press SOLVE. To return to the symbolic view, press SYMB.
  • To view the problem, select See Triangle from the views menu.

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Updated On: 15.02.19

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