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HP 40gs and 39gs Factory Reset

Here is the procedure for Factory or hard (full) reset the HP 39g+, HP39gs and HP40gs. Warning, DO NOT do this unless you are sure you don’t need anything stored on the calculator! If you do it then you will find that the calculator’s memory will be completely wiped, resetting it back to the default values it had when you first opened the box.

You need to press the following 3 keys at one time - Press and hold the first and last (sixth) screen keys on the top row, then press the ON key. The calculator will reboot and the screen will display "Memory Clear". Press Enter or the ON key.

Updated On: 12.07.31

  1. On 14-Jan-2021, Jochen wrote: 
    Tried the 3-key restart, no reaction of the 39gs..
    As additional info: both, the AA batteries and the CR2032 button battery were empty; I.e. the calculator was really dead. Perhaps that’s why it didn’t work. The screen is off.
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  2. On 19-Jul-2012, James wrote: 
    hey my statistics cant be started, everytime i press Statistics my hp39gs will stop working. Same with when im using Function and want to find the extremum, the calulator will auto reset by to solve it?
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    • On 19-Jul-2012, Peter Tong replied: 
      Hi James, try the factory reset first. This will ensure that the Calc clears all it system settings and rogue aplet. Then try to access the statistics aplet. If problem presisted, you may want to refresh the calculator ROM. See...
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